lower butt exercises

7 Best Lower Butt Exercises For Glute Development

Nowadays sculpted and well-developed glutes have become the holy grail for many women in the gym. Fuelled by the influence of A-list celebrities and a growing popularity in women’s bodybuilding, their determination for a strong, firm, and perky butt has never been more prevalent.  Fortunately, a wealth of information and effective butt exercises are readily available to …


hip thrust alternatives

7 Easy Hip Thrust Alternatives To Build Glutes

If you want to train your glutes for maximum growth you don’t have to rely on the hip thrust exercise.   Don’t get us wrong, the hip thrust does have its place in an effective booty workout, but they’re not right for everyone.   Some common concerns include excessive pressure on the neck and upper back, as …


Gluteus Medius Exercises

7 Effective Gluteus Medius Exercises To Strengthen Glutes

Your gluteus medius is one of three muscles that make up your glutes. The other two being your gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus. While many people have a preference for working on the glute maximus, which is after all the muscle that contributes to size and shape, it’s common to neglect your glute medius. But, …


banana roll exercises

4 Naturally Effective Banana Roll Exercises To Rid Fat Today

The banana rolls exercises recommended in this article are an effective way of banishing this stubborn fat naturally and quickly. For many women stubborn areas of fat can accumulate in various places across the body.   Hormonal imbalances play a key part in fat cells building up directly beneath the skin in specific locations such as the upper thigh, stomach, and buttocks.   …


dumbbell glute exercises

8 Best Dumbbell Glute Exercises For Stronger Glutes

Dumbbells aren’t just for upper-body workouts and fixing muscle imbalances. They’re also effective for targeting your lower body, especially when it comes to training your glute muscles. Whether you’re gearing up for leg day or prefer home workouts, glute exercises with dumbbells can help you develop a shapely and strong butt in no time. This article will break down the advantages of using dumbbells …


barbell glute bridge muscles worked

Discover 3 Barbell Glute Bridge Muscles Worked

The barbell glute bridge is a great way to fire up those glute muscles to increase strength and add some size.   While it can be done as a bodyweight exercise, by adding resistance in the way of a barbell you can increase tension on your muscles for an even better workout.   Recommended Reading – 8 Best Glute Exercises At Home …


Glute Bridge vs Hip Thrust

Glute Bridge vs Hip Thrust – 5 Critical Differences

Forget squats for growing your glute muscles.   If you want to better isolate your glutes to create shape and add muscle, focus on exercises like the glute bridge or hip thrust.   But which one is better and how do you choose?  Recommended Reading – 7 Effective Exercises For Gluteus Minimus Workouts In this …


Abductor Exercises With Bands

9 Effective Resistance Abductor Exercises With Bands

Keeping your hip muscles and joints healthy and strong by performing hip abduction exercises will help address common issues such as low back pain, knee pain and even improve your posture.   Weak hip abductor muscles are usually the result of sitting for large parts of the day Recommended Reading – Hip Abduction vs Adduction Machine : 3 Conclusive Benefits This can lead to …


Glute Exercises At Home With Resistance Bands

8 Best Glute Exercises At Home With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way of adding versatility to your workout and, when compared to free weights, they offer variable resistance during an exercise. This means that as the resistance on the band increases, the exercise becomes more difficult. This makes them ideal for increasing muscle size and toning your whole body. If you …


Best Exercises For Glutes

Discover The 9 Best Exercises For Glutes

Training glutes has become much more popular in the last few years, especially amongst females.  There are a number of reasons for this. 

Firstly, having well developed glutes helps to create an hourglass body shape which is currently favoured by certain celebrities.