5 Best Medial Quad Exercises To Build Your Strength & Muscle

Collectively the quadricep muscles play an important role in helping make day to day activities, such as walking and lifting things off the ground, easier. Another primary function of the quadriceps is providing stability to the knee joint helping to prevent injuries. They also work in conjunction with other muscles meaning that if you have …


heel elevated squats benefits

5 Heel Elevated Squats Benefits

Squatting is one of the most popular exercises for most gym-goers who want to improve lower body strength and increase muscle. This excellent compound exercise works several muscle groups and, with proper form, burns a ton of calories. Aside from a regular barbell squat, there are a few variations to help with muscle growth. Squats …


benefits of side leg raises

5 Benefits Of Side Leg Raises Which Transform Your Thigh’s

As many people nowadays lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle, it’s not uncommon to suffer from lower back pain, a weakness to leg muscles, poor hip mobility and even a weak core. This in turn can have a negative impact on everyday activities. Instability in your hip joints is one of the primary causes of lower …


12 Best Isometric Leg Exercises For Safe _ Productive Muscle Stimulation

12 Best Isometric Leg Exercises For Safe & Productive Muscle Stimulation

Isometric contractions, also known as static strength training, can help build balance, muscle, strength, and range of motion. Unlike isotonic muscle actions, where the muscles visibly change the length and simultaneously develop tension, isometric exercises activate the muscles by generating force without visibly changing muscle length or moving the joints. Isometric exercises focus on the …


hamstring barbell exercises

5 Hamstring Barbell Exercises For Big Gains

If you want to strengthen and grow your hamstrings, then grab your barbell as in this article we’ll be recommending some of the best hamstring barbell exercises for maximum results. 5 Ultimate Hamstring Barbell Exercises For Big Gains Let’s jump in to the best hamstring barbell exercises for strength and muscle growth. Romanian Deadlift The …


leg press vs squat

Leg Press vs Squat : Which Is More Effective For Muscle Growth?

For overall leg development, the squat is a better exercise when compared to the leg press.  Whilst they both follow a similar movement pattern, squatting is a much more technical exercise which carries a higher risk of injury.  If you find squatting difficult, the leg press makes for a good alternative. 

how to do barbell squat

How To Do Barbell Squats Properly Plus 5 Important Benefits

The squat is a functional compound exercise that involves driving back the hips as though sitting, whilst bending at the knees and ankles.  The movement engages multiple muscle groups throughout the body with an emphasis on the lower body.