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Fitness Trends for 2019

Fitness Trends for 2019 - Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

Trends within the fitness industry come and go and some remain popular such as HIIT.

However, even HIIT training is evolving with some gyms incorporating a hybrid like training method such as HIIT-Yoga which is designed to increase strength whilst burning fat.  HIIT has become popular over the recent past due to people not having to slave away in the gym for long periods of time and it seems that workouts under 45 minutes are continuing to become more popular.  There are two clear benefits to quick workouts such as HIIT.  Firstly, the results are just as good (some say better) than if you were to spend 2 hours on the treadmill undertaking steady state cardio.  Secondly, as the workouts are done and dusted much quicker you’re less likely to skip it.

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Another trend that seems to be gaining traction is that of Wellness Festivals.  Not heard of them? From SweatLife to SoulCircus, they offer music with healthy eating combined with a bit of yoga and pilates.  These kinds of festivals become more popular over the coming years.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Hydro classes?  It’s essentially a swimming pool based resistance training. The concept came about by a popular surfer in LA and is becoming more popular with Virgin Active launching their own dedicated class.  Resistance training underwater is a great core and CV workout whilst minimising any strain on the joints.

What with technology becoming more and more ingrained within our daily lives this even applies to fitness thanks to virtual reality.  For those of you who don’t particularly enjoy the gym environment, this could be the perfect option.  It’s basically a more grown up and immersive version of the Wii Fit.  Using a headset with a screen and earplugs you are transported to a virtual environment where you fight robots or climb mountains all whilst burning calories.

Aside from the types of training, even the kinds of fitness equipment we use have been changing.  Thanks to the growth of HIIT there has been a significant rise in smaller items such as kettlebells and barbells being used on a regular basis.  However, as people become more mindful of looking after their bodies the use of items like myofascial release tools, such as the Kabuki Strength Boomstick, are becoming a regular part of the fitness scene.

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