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Gym Member Retention - Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

How Can You Retain Your Members?

Typically, keeping customers you already have is easier than obtaining new ones.  However, it must be frustrating if a customer cancels their membership and you are unsure why.  Whilst, you can ask the question, the truth is it can be difficult to find out.

Service with a Smile…

What can you do to ensure your gym members remain happy and are less likely to defect to one of your competitors?  A study was carried out amongst some 10,000 people and the figures may surprise you.

Of the people spoken to, a hefty 35% said they were never spoken to when attending their gym, neither by staff or fellow gym-goers.  It was determined that the risk of cancellation decreased by 53% each month simply by staff speaking to them and those members who had a made a friend.

To some, working out can be intimidating especially when you first start out.  A lack of understanding on how to use equipment coupled with training in front of others can be a knock to their confidence.  A very small percentage of members questioned, just 7%, said that they learnt how to use a new piece of equipment and of those that did, the vast majority found it enjoyable.

A Waiting Game…

Nowadays people are generally time poor and don’t have much of it to spare, this includes their gym visits.  Maybe you’ve noticed a particularly popular piece of kit in your gym?  So popular in fact that members have to queue to get on and use it.  The study showed that 69% found queuing for equipment irritating, with 10% of those finding themselves doing this on a regular basis.  Tellingly, when queuing does happen the risk of cancellation increases by a huge 80%.

From the data gathered it has shown that simple measures can be followed to ensure members remain happy and the facilities customer base remains high.  Furthermore, advocates of a gym can boost that customer base by singing its praises!

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