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Keep Your Investment in Top Condition

Keep Your Investment in Top Condition - Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

When you’ve invested money in commercial gym equipment for your facility, you’ll want to be able to keep it in good condition.  After all, it’ll be put to lots of use and keeping everything well maintained will keep your gym members happy.

For a gym user there’s nothing more frustrating than going to use a piece of kit with a big sign saying ‘out of order’ on it.  It will prevent them from completing their work out routine and worst case scenario, if the equipment isn’t fixed promptly, could result in them leaving to join another gym.

It’s also important to maintain the kit you buy to ensure the life of the machines.  Simply put, if it’s looked after it will last much longer.

Keep everything clean!  Having a standard cleaning routine for each item at the end of every day/week/month will not only ensure top levels of hygiene but also gives you the chance to spot for any potential niggles with the kit that may need looking at, loose cables, bolts or rips in upholstery and rust on linear rails or bearings.

You probably know the most popular pieces of gym equipment in your facility, so get in to the habit of checking that equipment on a regular basis. A simple bit of thread locking compound can stop bolts working loose during a workout and save a gym injury and potential lawsuit which could put you out of business!

Consider setting up a contract with a gym equipment maintenance organisation.  It helps to have someone on hand who can repair items at short notice and should be input into your business expenses to ensure smooth operation of your business at all times.  It could also be handy to keep a repair kit on site for any smaller problems that may crop up. An ideal tool kit for any gym to have consists of the following:

    • 2 x Adjustable Spanner
    • Thread Locker
    • Allen Key Set
    • Socket Set
    • Socket Wrench
    • Rubber Mallet
    • AC90 or other lubricating compound

Setting up a daily, weekly and monthly schedule of checks to carry out on each bit of gym equipment assists with keeping on top of things and means you won’t forget!

Doing all of the above will keep your gym members happy, ensures your facility looks professional and up to scratch and could also save you a heap of money.

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