Dual Adjustable Pulley

Dual Adjustable Pulley


The most heavy duty Dual Adjustable Pulley on the market.  Our commercial grade dual adjustable pulley weighs around 400kg and is a very versatile machine allowing you to undertake exercises resulting in a full body workout. 

Manufactured in the UK, this unique machine is built with two columns each of which houses a 120kg weight stack.  

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  • Nickel plated and knurled handles for improved grip
  • Slanted adjustable front arm to allow closer bench positioning for seated pull downs
  • Plenty of storage for bands and accessory items
  • Multiple knurled and nickel plated grip options for versatility
  • Option to upgrade with stack guards (range of colours available)
  • Shock absorbers on each weight stack
  • Stainless steel uprights with etched numbering
  • Option for either 100kg to 150kg weight stack per side
  • Heavy duty, weighing approximately 400kg
  • Runs on machined nylon wheels for smooth adjustment
  • All weight stacks comprise bushes to reduce friction during use and increase life of the stack
  • Made with precision, straightened linear rails


  • Length:1200mm
  • Width:1630mm
  • Height:2300mm


  • 400kg / 882lbs


As goods are made to order, lead time can vary depending on current workload. 

Typical lead times vary between 20 to 50 working days. 

If you would like a more specific timeframe please contact us.

Dual Adjustable Pulley

The dual adjustable pulley is a highly versatile machine that allows for a wide range of resistance exercises including upright rows, bicep curls, cable kickbacks, tricep extensions, side lateral raises, ab crunches and many, many more.  The versatility of this machine makes it ideal for all commercial gyms and home or garage gyms.  

The Kustom Kit dual adjustable pulley machine is the most heavy duty on the market with a total weight of approximately 400kg. Manufactured in the UK, it offers a unique design with slanted stainless steel linear rails.  This gives the user the opportunity to place their bench closer to the machine allowing for such exercises as seated pull downs.  

The rails have also been precision straightened which ensures that the the grips glide up and down the rails effortlessly with no friction adding extra life to the machine.  They also feature etched numbering for quick and easy set up.  

Both the handles and multi-grip pull up bars have been knurled for improved grip and finished with a high quality nickel plating.  

Each stack is machined with a bevelled edge for a better finish and rests on heavy duty shock absorbers to reduce impact should the stacks be dropped.  They also comprise bushes (something not found on many alternatives), this helps to reduce any friction during use and, as with the linear rails, adds life to the machine.  

Available in a huge range of frame colours you also have the option to include stack guards.  

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