Our 25kg Calibrated powerlifting plates offer a perfect alternative to other brands of discs and are manufactured to provide features which make them a clear choice for your commercial gym or strength club.

Manufactured from solid steel we produce our discs to IPF specifications. Improving on the thickness in comparison to our competition, these 25kg discs are 22mm thick, a huge 4mm thinner than our competitors giving you more room on the barbell for your weight while keeping the discs closer to the centre of gravity eliminating whip on the bar. 


A groove is machined around the circumference of each plate to make lifting the plates off the floor easy, in addition we added a colour inlay making disc identification effortless when your barbell is fully loaded.

These luxury power lifting discs are coated in a protective finish which not only shows of the superb finish but also stops rust formation unlike other discs on the market which are powder coated over bare steel.

Machined in our UK factory these calibrated discs are exported worldwide and because we oversee the manufacturing we can ensure high standards and quality control.

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