Push Up Stands

Push Up Stands

Made to Order

Using our push up stands will offer exceptional stability and help to prevent any wrist injuries that you might encounter when undertaking a regular push up.  They offer excellent range of motion allowing you lower yourself deeper to the ground making the exercise more challenging.
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  • Improve push up form
  • Help to target chest muscles, shoulders and triceps. 
  • Improve grip strength
  • Reduce risk of wrist injuries




  • 1kg / 2.2lbs


All goods are made to order with the standard lead time ranging between 7 and 50 business days. 

In you would like a more specific time frame please contact us before you place your order. 

Push Up Stands

Push ups are a fantastic exercise to target your chest muscles and using stands will help to not only improve grip but also wrist strength.  

Our UK made push up stands will offer you plenty of stability when undertaking push ups, making them a more effective exercise and helping to prevent any wrist injuries.  

Using push up stands will improve your range of motion allowing you to drop deeper into the bottom part of the movement making for a more challenging exercise.  

When performing a regular push up it's not uncommon to put undue stress on your wrists putting you at risk of injury.  The push up stands encourage better positioning of the wrists making a push up much more comfortable and improving form.  

You'll also find the grip is significantly better when using our push up stands when compared to a regular push up with hands flat on the floor.  

Perfect for home and commercial gyms as they don't up space and can easily be stored away.