Plate Loaded Horizontal Bench Press

Plate Loaded Horizontal Bench Press

Made to Order

Build equal strength and symmetry across your chest muscles with the Plate Loaded Bench Press.  Manufactured with isolateral arms that converge, this unique bench press has a multitude of adjustments allowing for it to be set up for a huge variety of users making it very different from other bench presses on the market.  The variety of adjustments also mean you can target different muscle groups.  

The rear positioned counter balance is perfect for beginners or those going through rehabilitation as they can start using this machine with a much lighter weight.  

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  • Converging iso-lateral arms 
  • Grips are numbered and run on linear rails
  • Grips can be adjusted from front to back within a range of 250mm
  • Nickel plated moving parts which will not chip or rust
  • Three grip options; pronated, supinated and angled. 
  • Gas assisted and numbered adjustable safety stops
  • Resistance band pegs for training versatility
  • Kick start raises arms to your ideal starting position
  • Counter balance to the rear arm making the starting weight lighter
  • Positional foot pedal that can be adjusted both forwards and backwards
  • Gas assisted bench which can be adjusted to four different heights ranging from 370mm to 450mm


  • Length: 1360mm
  • Width: 884mm at its widest point
  • Height: variable




As goods are made to order, lead times can depend on current workload. 

Typical lead times vary between 20 to 50 working days. 

If you would like a more specific timeframe please contact us.

Plate Loaded Horizontal Bench Press

The Kustom Kit horizontal plate loaded bench press is a commercial grade bench press which offers a huge number of features that will appeal to all users. 

Perfect to effectively isolate and build your upper body strength and muscle mass, it is constructed from heavy duty box section and 52 bearings adding life to this bench press and ensuring smooth use every single time. 

The iso-lateral arms move independently from one another allowing you to build equal muscle strength and size. Not only that, they converge allowing for maximum muscle contractions during your training giving you a fantastic upper body workout. 

Some machines are manufactured in a way that offers fixed positions to the user. We realise that people often require a different set up to get the absolute best out of their training. That's why we have designed this bench press to feature many adjustments so achieving that perfect set up is quick and easy. 

The grip system offers three different grip types. A pronated grip, so your palms will face away from you. A supinated grip, where you palms will face you and an angled grip. What's more the grips run on linear rails which can be further adjusted by bringing them closer to you or pushing them further away. The range of this adjustment is 250mm from front to back. 

During set up, you'll want to be able to adjust the arm height to your ideal starting position based on the length of your arms. The bench press features a kickstart which will allow you to quickly and easily adjust the height of the arms to the desired height. 

You can also adjust the height of the bench itself as it gives the user the flexibility of four different height positions. These range from 370mm to 450mm so all in keeping with IPF specification rules for training. 

For improved safety, we have included for gas assisted safety stops which are numbered and can be adjusted to your desired height.  

For those new to the plate loaded bench press, and even those going through rehabilitation, there is a counter balance located on the rear arm. This means you can load on a plate or two and this reduces the starting weight by the plate total. Conversely, if you want to push your training to the max, there are resistance band pegs and by adding bands you will increase the resistance of the weight load making for a more challenging workout.

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