Vortex Monolift

Vortex Monolift

Made to Order

The Monolift is a squat apparatus that is used by lifters to essentially remove the need for the ‘walkout’ during squatting making squatting with a serious amount of weight much safer.  By squatting with a monolift you will also conserve a significant amount of energy saving it for you squats.

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  • Manufactured from 12mm thick steel making this one of the most robust on the market
  • Bolt design so can be transported to powerlifting meets
  • Micro height adjustments of 2mm
  • All stop positions are numbered for fast and easy set up
  • Upper resistance bang pegs as standard
  • Barbell adjustment rollers for easy bar adjustment even when the bar is loaded.
  • J Hook locking mechanism


  • Length: 1700mm
  • Width: 1630mm
  • Height: 2200mm




As goods are made to order, lead time can depend on current workload. 

Typical lead times vary between 20 to 50 working days. 

If you would like a more specific timeframe please contact us.

Vortex Monolift

A monolift is a squat apparatus that is ultimately used to take away the need for the ‘walkout’ when squatting.  


Using a monolift will allow you to easily set up, un-rack and squat making them great for heavy squatting.  By eliminating the ‘walkout’ with your heavier squats, this also makes squatting heavy weight much safer.  You’ll also be expending far less energy and instead can use this energy to increase your squat PB.  


The Vortex is built from 12mm thick steel making for the most heavy duty monolift available and runs on 18 bearings resulting in smooth use.   The bolt together design means it can easily be disassembled when being transported to powerlifting meets


In terms of height adjustment, the Vortex is built to allow micro adjustments of 2mm and with all of the stop positions being numbered height set up is fast and easy for all lifters.  

Resistance band pegs on the upper part of the monolift are included as standard whilst the resistance band pegs are an optional extra.  The resistance band pegs offer three different positions allowing you to alter the tension of the bands adding to its versatility. 


As standard with the Vortex you’ll also get barbell rollers so adjusting your barbell is quick and easy, even when it’s fully loaded and the collar storage hooks keep collars on hand for when you need them.  

 You also have the option for grip set-up thanks to the J-Hook locking mechanism so with all of these adjustments you can be certain that the Vortex Monolift can be used by everyone,

Vortex Monolift
Vortex Monolift

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