Fusion Lat Pull Low Row

Fusion Lat Pull Low Row

Made to Order

The dual purpose Fusion Lat Pull Low Row is a great machine to strengthen your upper and lower back and your shoulders making it a very versatile machine for all commercial gym facilities.  It’s manufactured with a dual pulley offering a quick and easy changeover between pull downs and rows. 

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  • Dual pulley system for quick changeover
  • Effectively target back muscles
  • Upgrade with weight horn storage
  • Dual purpose so ideal for gyms with limited space


  • Length: 2600mm
  • Width:1050mm
  • Height:  2220mm




As goods are made to order, lead times can depend on current workload. 

Typical lead times vary between 20 to 50 working days. 

If you would like a more specific timeframe please contact us.

Fusion Lat Pull Low Row

A dual purpose, plate loaded, machine that will allow you to undertake low rows and pull downs.

The pull down part of the machine mimics that of a pull up, the only difference being it’s the machine that moves and not you making is considerably easier to execute.  With this movement you’ll be targeting many different upper body muscles including, of course, yours lats.

The low row element of the Fusion helps you to target you lower back muscles building both muscle thickness and strength.  As well as the lower back, it will also hit your forearms so you can quickly see the Fusion is a great piece of kit for an upper body workout.  

The Fusion Lat Pull Low Row is a plate loaded machine that takes advantage of a dual pulley system making it very quick and straightforward to switch between a rowing movement and pulldown movement.  You can use a variety of different attachments with this machine such as the V bar or even dipping rope helping you to mix up your upper body training.  

The cable itself is the renowned Everflex pro cable with aluminium pulleys and bearings giving it a high quality finish which is very smooth to use and giving you years of trouble free use.  

The Fusion includes hooks at both the top and bottom of the machine which are there to prevent any bar attachments from swinging whilst the optional weight storage horns towards the rear of the machine keep plates on hand.  

We also ensure to build our machines with super tough footplates and the Fusion is no exception.   The footplates are manufactured from 8mm thick steel which give very good stability.  They are also larger than the average footplate giving you plenty of space for foot placement.