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Accessory Rack


Adjustable Step Up Platform


Bicep Curl Bar


Calibrated Plate Toast Rack


Cambered Squat Barbell


Chalk Bowl


Compact Weightlifting Platform


Corner Weight Tree


Double D Handle


EZ Curl Bar


Farmers Walk Handles


Farmers Walk Handles


From platforms to farmers walk handles our functional fitness collection provides everything for those of you looking to take your training to a whole new level. Our lifting platforms are available in 3 different styles, the compact deadlift platform is ideal for home and garage gyms due its compact design with the full size powerlifting platform giving you more deadlift space and its made to IPF specification. The Legacy Olympic Platform is for those of you who wish to undertake Olympic style lifts such as the clean and jerk, with its superior quality wooden insert which can even be customised with your own gym logo. The rubber used in all our of platforms is solid 40mm thick rubber imported from Germany and designed especially for use in fitness environments. Within this collection you can also see our range of weight plate storage. We offer a Olympic weight tree which can accommodate full size plates on each weight horn and even includes barbell storage or if you want something that saves on floor space you could consider our wall mounted plate storage or corner weight tree which can be neatly tucked away. Don’t forget about barbell storage. Options here for floor mounted bar storage with space to keep your fractional powerlifting plates on hand. If your barbells are of the more expensive variety you can look to invest in one of our lockable barbell racks. This useful and compact barbell storage is mounted to the wall and can safely store up to four barbells at any one time with each bar being locked away with its own unique key.