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Belt Squat


Chest Supported T Bar Row


Dual 45 Degree Leg Press


Evolve Vertical Leg Press


Good Morning Machine


Hack Squat


Hip Thrust Bench


Incline Chest Press


Lat Pulldown Low Row


Lying Hamstring Curl


Plate Loaded Leg Extension


Plate Loaded gym equipment is ideal for commercial gym environments allowing your gym members to train without the need of a spotter. Plate loaded machines can be more cost effective than selectorised and they require much less maintenance. The maximum weight of a plate loaded machine can generally far exceed that of any weight stack machine making it a great option for those gyms with members who tend to lift more than the average. The price point of a plate loaded machine can also make it a more favourable choice for those investing in their home or garage gyms. We offer a wide range of plate loaded machines which have been designed to offer unique styles with the emphasis being on supreme biomechanics and heavy duty quality. The machines in this collection include the Wenning Strength Belt Squat machine, a superior squat machine that allows you to squat safely with no spotter needed, all whilst keeping weight off of your upper body and encouraging proper squat form. Of the more commonly known plate loaded machines, you can find the Reactor 45 degree leg press and Veyron plate loaded hack squat. The more unique of those in this collection would be machines such as the Fortis Plate Loaded Standing Leg Curl, a machine designed to isolate your hamstrings whilst keeping weight constant throughout the movement.