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Bicep Curl Bar


Cambered Squat Barbell


EZ Curl Bar


Farmers Walk Handles


Hex Trap Bar


Lat Pulldown Handle


Olympic Football Bar


Olympic Swiss Bar


Prone Row Barbell


Safety Squat Bar


Our speciality bars give you a wide range of training alternatives to a standard Olympic barbell. These bars will offer you a number of benefits helping you to recruit more muscle and increase your lifting numbers. The Hex Trap Bar is perfect for helping to improve your deadlift form whilst engaging more of your quads whilst the safety squat bar allows you to squat whilst keeping the weight away from your shoulders, so it’s perfect for upper body injuries. Both the Swiss and Football Bars are ideal for upper body training whilst minimising stress on your shoulders but hitting both your pecs and triceps for a great workout. For all the pro squatters, try squatting with a cambered squat bar. This will bar will throw you off balance forcing you to brace your core throughout the movement. A speciality bar that, with continued, use will help you to see a big improvement in your squat numbers. The best bar to isolate your biceps would be the EZ curl bar. Unique in it’s shape, it will engage your biceps throughout the whole range of movement with the angled grips helping to eliminate any joint pain from your wrists and elbows. Another huge plus of incorporating speciality bars in to your training is that they offer huge versatility. With the Football bar and Swiss bars you can undertake close grip bench, hammer curls and skull crushers to name a few. Whilst the Hex Trap bar gives you the opportunity to add in deadlifts, lunges, floor press and shrugs. Investing in a range of speciality bars will help to mix up your training regime and improve your lifting numbers. The bars you see in our collection are all manufactured in the UK with heavy duty construction and attention to detail.