Calibrated Plates - Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

Calibrated Plates

Made to Order

Calibrated Steel Powerlifting Plates

These custom branded plates are fully machined from solid steel making them exceptionally thin and the machined outer groove enables easy handling. 

Available in kilos, you can create your own custom set with weights ranging from 0.25kg up to 25kg.

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  • Weight accuracy to within 0.25% 
  • Much thinner than other calibrated plates
  • Machined groove to assist with picking up off the floor
  • Colour inlay to aid with weight identification
  • Manufactured in the UK to IPF specifcation
  • Nickel plated to help prevent rust formation
  • Option to personalise with your own logo (please contact us for this requirement)


  • 25kg Plate (Red) - 450mm Diameter x 22mm Thick 
  • 20kg Plate (Blue) - 450mm Diameter x 18mm Thick
  • 15kg Plate (Yellow) - 400mm Diameter x 17mm Thick
  • 10kg Plate (Green) - 325mm Diameter x 17mm Thick
  • 5kg Plate (White) - 230mm Diameter x 17mm Thick
  • 2.5kg Plate (Black) - 190mm Diameter x 13.5mm Thick
  • 0.75kg Fractional Plate - 90mm Diameter x 22.5mm Thick
  • 0.5kg Fractional Plate - 90mm Diameter x 15mm Thick
  • 0.25kg Fractional Plate - 90mm Diameter x 7.5mm Thick


Combined weight of plates is dependent on set size ordered.


All goods are made to order and carry a lead time.  

Lead times range from 20 to 60 business days with the exception of items in stock.  

If you would like an estimate on lead time please contact us before placing an order.  

Calibrated Plates - Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

Our calibrated powerlifting plates are 100% manufactured in the UK.  

Each and every plate is fully machined in house from solid steel.  We choose solid steel as opposed to stainless as this is a harder material and significantly less likely to dent if dropped.  

All plates are finished off with a superior quality nickel plating.  Nickel plating is opted over a finish such as zinc as not only is it a much more hard wearing coating it offers a brilliant shine compared to zinc plated or stainless steel dumbbells.  

As they are fully machined from solid steel they are incredibly thin keeping the weight closer to the centre of the bar helping to reduce whip during your lifts. 

If you have ever tried lifting a think powerlifting plate up from the floor you will notice it's not particularly easy.  The machined groove on our plates allow you to grip the plate making it easy to move the discs around any barbell club or at a competition where the speed is crucial.  Each groove is also colour coded to allow for easy weight identification.  

Please note - These items are designed to be used in an indoor heated environment on rubber flooring and kept free from moisture. Excessive fluids, external training or treatment with strong chemicals will void the warranty and likely cause issues with the surface protection