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Deluxe Adjustable Weight Bench

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Adjustable Weight Bench

The Deluxe Adjustable Weight Bench is an exceptional quality commercial specification bench providing Flat, Incline and Decline adjustments.  Product features not found on other weight benches include stainless steel angled adjustment brackets and reinforced gym upholstery. This is an exceptional weight bench for home gym's, commercial facilities and personal training studio's

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  • Adjustments range from 80° incline to -10° decline
  • Stainless steel adjustment brackets
  • Degree numbered adjustment bracks
  • Close gap between back and seat pad in flat position for optimum comfort
  • Rear positioned wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Rated to at least 600kg


  • Length: 1340mm in Flat position
  • Width:   310mm
  • Height:  460 in Flat position 




As goods are made to order, lead times can depend on current workload. 

Typical lead times vary between 20 to 50 working days. 

If you would like a more specific timeframe please contact us.

Deluxe Adjustable Weight Bench - Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

Our heavy duty Adjustable Weight Bench is a great alternative if you're tired of using an unstable adjustable weight bench. With its durable steel section, stainless steel moving parts and custom options this is the Best Weight Bench in Europe.


Our Adjustable Bench is exactly what your gym needs but let us first tell you what to look out for when comparing ours with lower cost models. To find out more about choosing the correct bench for you needs read our 'How to Choose an Adjustable Bench' article 


Low cost benches will bolt MDF upholstery bolted directly to narrow steel tabs making them unsuitable for heavy duty use as you are reliant on the wood taking the majority of the load during heavy exercises.


Take a look at the main 'pivot' of all benches.  A simple bolt through a hole will result in the common 'rocking' of the rear back plate you find on most adjustable benches, not on our adjustable bench. Our gym bench design includes machined a tolerance pin making sure that we keep any wobble to an absolute minimum.


This is by far the best incline bench I have ever used. Such amazing and solid workmanship it inspires you to lift big because you have confidence in the solid and unshakable foundation of the bench


Powder Coated Adjustment brackets and moving parts are the cheaper alternative on lower quality benches but will quickly chip and start to corrode in a gym environment.  A high quality adjustable bench will use zinc, nickel or stainless steel adjustment brackets.


Plastic end caps offer a basic function of covering ends of steel box section however these are not ideal as they can be lost or damaged and in a heavily used dumbbell area this can leave sharp steel exposed.  Choose benches that have welded steel end caps for longer life expectancy and additional durability.


Low quality faux leather and soft foam results in a 'soft' 'spongy' feel during heavy lifts. We use dense foam to give your exceptional support whilst allowing enough movement to ensure the upholstery remains comfortable.


Large gaps between the seat base and back pad can cause comfort issues when using some benches in the flat position, our adjustable bench utilises a pivot system to ensure the gap is smaller than our competitors making it more comfortable when in the flat position.


Fantastic equipment couldn’t be happier with them have used a lot of different benches over the years and nothing comes close to the quality of this bench super sturdy and easy to use can’t wait to add more of there items to my home gym


Our Adjustable Weight Bench sits at a standard far beyond its price tag.  Built from robust steel section, it's made with steel up to 6mm thick steel and, just like our flat weights bench, is rated to a huge 600kg.


Offering expertly stitched contract faux leather which is 300mm wide the pad uses a dense foam offering plenty of support during the heaviest of lifts.


Given the bench is a heavy weight we include wheels which allow for easy transportation around the gym floor and as the body is made from nylon there is no concern for corrosion in a challenging gym environment.


Our main pivot system uses a high quality machined pin and washer system to reduce 'wobble' of the back pad and keeps the gap between the seat as small as possible.


We use a stainless steel adjustment bracket giving you optional adjustments ranging from a -10 degree decline through to an incline of 80 degrees, meaning it's perfect to use for such exercises as the shoulder press, flat bench, military press and many more


As it's such a solid bench, you'll find it a perfect addition to any of our Power Racks


Aside from its build quality, it's designed in such a way that means there is only a 65mm gap between the seat and back pad when in the flat position.  Some other benches have up to a 150mm gap which means you could find them unstable or uncomfortable to use during a pressing movement. 


Furthermore, we've added an ergonomic chamfer to the reinforced steel upholstery which you will find provides you comfort when used in the flat position. 


Ultimately, it's designed to stand up to the toughest of workouts, be comfortable for you to use whilst looking great in your gym facility.

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