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Olympic Football Bar

Made to Order

Our football bar will offer you greater variation during your pressing movements.  A heavy duty bar, it’s perfect for those with shoulder injuries as it reduces any stresses from your joints whilst providing stability for pressing making it very comfortable to use. 

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  • Heavy duty design
  • Angled grips
  • Plated weight horns 
  • Ideal for those with shoulder injuries


  • Length: 2100mm
  • Width:250mm
  • Height: 75mm


20kg / 44lbs


As goods are made to order, lead times can depend on current workload. 

Typical lead times vary between 20 to 50 working days. 

If you would like a more specific timeframe please contact us.

Football Bar - Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

The original Football Bar was specifically designed to allow football players, who are suffering from common shoulder injuries, to continue with their training, namely bench pressing.  This is how the bars name was derived.  


The bar works by enabling you to bench press with a near neutral grip thanks to its angled handles. These angled handles keep stress off of the front deltoids thereby making bench pressing safer and more effective.  


The bar offers a multitude of options in terms of handle positioning which are placed at 595mm, 415mm and 235mm.  The benefit of which means you are able to target different parts of a muscle.  


Don't be fooled into thinking this bar is only suitable for those of you suffering from shoulder injuries that want to continue benching. It can be used effectively in many other movements such as curls, tricep extensions, rows and for shoulder pressing making this a great value barbell to invest in.


Unlike many other specialist bars available on the market we opt to knurl the handles, this will offer superior grip making for more efficient training.


We also nickel plate the weight horns. This is a high quality, hard-wearing finish that prevents them from easily chipping and flaking which would make them susceptible to rust.


Another unique touch is the plastic base which you'll see at each end of the weight horn. This offers the advantage of hiding any welds and, aesthetics aside, will ensure your plates sit flush preventing any wobble and helping to protect your plates from scratches.

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