Reactor Dual 45 Degree Leg Press

Reactor Dual 45 Degree Leg Press

Made to Order

The Reactor Dual Leg Press is a versatile take on the standard 45 degree leg press with a small footprint so it will take much less space than other dual leg press machines.  

You have the option to train both legs at the same time and with a quick removal of the pin, each footplate will run on its own carriage allowing you to train each leg independently. 


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  • Huge weight loading capacity 
  • Train legs independently from one another
  • Option to add assistance and resistance band pegs 
  • Compact design taking up little floorspace 
  • Unique pivoting arm unlocking mechanism
  • Extra wide back rest for support and stability


  • Length: 2410mm
  • Width:  1350mm
  • Height:  1450mm




As goods are made to order, lead time can depend on current workload.

Typical lead times vary between 20 to 50 working days.

If you would like a more specific timeframe please contact us.
Reactor Dual 45 Degree Leg Press

Our Reactor Dual Leg Press will allow you to build equal strength and symmetry to your legs thanks to its bilateral movement.  The machine is made with two footplates running on independent carriages which can be loaded separately meaning you can train each leg individually.   


The benefit of training each leg separately is that you can effectively target each leg building equal muscle mass and strength without any dominant leg muscles taking over.  


As standard, it features an adjustable back rest so you can find the most suitable starting position and engraved number allowing for fast and easy set-up. 


You have the option to add lower band pegs allowing you to add resistance during your training with upper band pegs offering assistance when required.  

One of the other key benefits of this machine is that it is manufactured with easy to load side pins.  With pins placed in a vertical position it can be tricky to load on larger plates.  However, the horizonal pins allow for easy loading no matter what weight the plate.