Olympic Swiss Bar

Olympic Swiss Bar

Made to Order

The Swiss Bar is a very versatile speciality bar allowing you to undertake a range of pressing and pulling movements.  The primary benefit of this bar is that it will remove any stresses from your shoulders and wrists.  The different grip positions ensure you can obtain your most comfortable training position no matter what exercise you are doing.

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  • Neutral grip options
  • Nickel plate weight horns that won’t chip and rust
  • Knurled handles for improved grip
  • Option to upgrade to 43mm thick grip handles
  • Option to choose non power rack version


  • Length:2050mm
  • Width:245mm


  • 20kg/ 44lbs


As goods are made to order, lead time can depend on current workload. 

Typical lead times vary between 20 to 50 working days. 

If you would like a more specific timeframe please contact us.

Olympic Swiss Bar

Our Swiss training bar (an alternative to our Football bar) offers great variation in your pressing movements and is ideal for those of you who suffer from shoulder/wrist injuries as this bar will keep tension away from those areas.  


Because of the neutral grip position this bar can have great carry over to log pressing movements and help build strong triceps when used in movements such as skull crushers and the different grip positions ensure you can find your best training position.  

When using this bar it will put great emphasis on stability during pressing movements and puts the triceps under increased tension, more so than other traditional weightlifting or powerlifting bars.  It’s incredibly versatile and will allow you to undertake movements such as overhead press, skull crushers and hammer curls.


Our Swiss Bar is of heavy duty build quality with nickel plated weight horns which will not chip and rust. Each end of the weight horn has a plastic base which sits against the weld ensuring your plates sit flush and don’t wobble around during your lifting.   

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