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Catalyst V2 Power Rack


Catalyst V3 Half Rack


Catalyst V5 Full Power Rack


Equinox Squat Rack


Kaizen Power Rack


Rush Squat Stands


V2 Squat Stands


Wall Mounted Squat Rack


We offer a range of racks to suit your requirements whether you have size constraints or require optional upgrades such as incorporating a lifting platform. The range of power racks we manufacture vary from our Catalyst V3 Half Rack through to our multi functional Kaizen Full Power Rack. A half rack is ideal for those who have limited space but still require the functionality you would expect from a full power rack. The Catalyst V3 half rack will give you safety bars as standard with the option to upgrade by adding your own lifting platform. The Kaizen power rack is perfect for those looking for a large number of adjustments as it is manufactured with over 200 holes with 3 adjustments for every 100mm of space giving you the ultimate power rack. You can also opt for a wall mounted rig or rack. Again, these are suitable for those who want to make the most of their space. Great for home and commercial gym environments all of our power racks can be customized in terms of their size, colour and optional upgrades so whichever rack you choose it will be perfect for you.