vertical pull exercises

6 Best Vertical Pull Exercises To Build Back Strength

Lat pulldowns rank as one of the best exercises for widening and strengthening your upper back muscles, particularly the latissimus dorsi. Recommended Reading – 8 Sagittal Plane Exercises For An Improved Physique However, if you don’t have access to a lat pulldown machine or you’re simply looking to diversify your strength training routine, there are several other vertical pull exercises you can do to …


hyperextensions alternatives

13 Best Hyperextension Alternatives For Home & Gym Exercise

Strengthening your lower back muscles goes beyond just the hyperextension exercise.   While we acknowledge its benefits for boosting back strength and improving mobility, it’s not the only method to achieving a strong back.   What if you don’t have access to a hyperextension bench (aka the Roman Chair), or you just find the exercise uncomfortable to do?   Stay …


quadratus lumborum exercises

9 Best Targeted Quadratus Lumborum Exercises For Lower Back

The quadratus lumborum muscle, often abbreviated to the QL, is a deep lower back muscle that runs down either side of the body.   It can often be a source of lower back pain especially when it’s overworked causing it to become tight.  Recommended Reading – 7 Horizontal Pull Exercises For Better Back Strength In this article, we’ll be recommending some quadratus …


erector spinae exercises

8 Best Erector Spinae Exercises For The Back

If your goal is to build a thicker back with lots of detail, then you need to concentrate on erector spinae exercises.   Your erector spinae muscles are a group of muscles that support your spinal column and help you to maintain a good posture.   They start at the base of the skull and run vertically down the length of your spine.   Most …


alternatives for t bar row

11 Best Alternatives For T Bar Row Machine Exercises

If you’re a big fan of the t-bar row for building bigger and stronger back muscles, but you’d like some alternative exercises then keep reading.   The t-bar row is a free-weight exercise that involves stabilizing your torso while pulling a loaded bar towards your upper body.   One of the biggest benefits of the …


upper trap exercises

8 Best Upper Trap Exercises For Weak & Overactive Traps

If you spend several hours a day sitting at a desk, you may get to the end of the day with a stiff neck and aches to your upper back and shoulders.   This is common.  But what could be causing it? In this article, we’re going to address some of the likely reasons for this discomfort …


lower back dumbbell exercises

10 Awesome Lower Back Dumbbell Exercises To Try Today

Suffering from aches and pains to the lower back is very common. Whether it’s caused by an injury or simply from spending too long sitting, there are ways in which to address any discomfort to the lower back area.   One of the best ways is to incorporate lower back exercises using resistance into your …


What Do Dumbbell Shrugs Work

What Do Dumbbell Shrugs Work – Discover 4 Exercise Benefits

In this article we’re going to look at what do dumbbell shrugs work, how to execute them along with some other variations of this highly effective exercise. If you’re looking to build strong traps and increase muscle mass, then the dumbbell shrug is a great exercise to incorporate into your training program.  As dumbbell shrugs …


Lower Trap Exercises For Posture

9 Best Lower Trap Exercises For Posture And Improved Body Positioning

Lower trap exercises can play an important part in helping with good posture and improving shoulder and neck health. Due to the sedentary lifestyle led by many people, it’s common to hear of sore neck muscles and shoulder pain and very often, weak lower traps could be a contributing factor. If you spend a lot …


Gorilla Row Muscles Worked

Discover 6 Gorilla Row Muscles Worked In A Back Day Workout

If you’re looking to build a strong back, then row exercises are a great way to increase upper body strength and muscle mass.   With many variations to choose from you’re sure to find the right one to suit your abilities and goals.    Recommended Reading – 8 Best Dumbbell Back Workout Exercises To Build Mass In this article, we’re …