exercises for capped shoulders

Want Capped Shoulders? Try These 4 Powerful Exercises

Capped shoulders make you look strong, give you a huge confidence boost (especially when wearing tight t-shirts), and help to create the illusion of a smaller waist.  But contrary to popular opinion it involves more than just working on your side delts, and a decent shoulder workout should encompass exercises to target your front and rear delts too.   When …


arnold press vs shoulder press

6 Clear Arnold press VS Shoulder Press Exercise Differences

Developing your shoulder muscles brings us to two standout exercises: the Arnold Press and the standard shoulder press. The Arnold Press, which takes its name after bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a variation of the traditional shoulder press that introduces a twist to the conventional pressing movement, promising not just muscle growth but enhanced shoulder dynamics. But how do these two popular shoulder exercises compare …


cuban press

Cuban Press Shoulder Exercise – 3 Clear Muscles Worked

Shoulder injuries are common within bodybuilding circles, and this is often down to overuse or poor exercise technique.   Developing the muscles of the shoulders usually involves a variety of exercises to a high rep range which only increases the risk of injury.   One of the best ways of preventing this is by strengthening your rotator cuff muscles …


Shoulder press alternative

9 Overhead Shoulder Press Alternatives For Deltoid Growth

The shoulder joint is made up of a ball and socket and this means it has a very wide range of motion allowing you to move the arms with a significant amount of freedom. The shoulders are made up of three primary sets of fibers, the anterior, posterior and lateral deltoids, and each serves a …


rear delt dumbbell exercises

6 Rear Delt Dumbbell Exercises To Build Huge Shoulders

The often-neglected posterior deltoids, commonly known as rear delts, are a crucial part of a well-rounded workout routine.   In this article we’re going to highlight their importance by introducing the best rear delt dumbbell exercises to maximize muscular development and increase their strength.   By using dumbbells in these exercises offers versatility, allowing precise targeting of the rear deltoids …


overhead stability exercises

9 Essential Overhead Stability Exercises To Build Shoulders

Overhead stability exercises can help you to improve your upper body strength and prevent shoulder injuries.   In this article we’re going to suggest some great exercises that will help you to maintain a strong overhead position and improve the health of your shoulders.   Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out with strength training, overhead stability exercises can be a valuable addition to …


Lateral Shoulder Exercises

13 Best Lateral Shoulder Exercises For Broader Side Delts

Lateral shoulder exercises are some the best movements to build wider, stronger and more rounded shoulders. The deltoid muscles are divided into three different sets of muscle fibers; the anterior deltoid (front delts), the posterior deltoid (rear delts) and the lateral deltoids (side delts).   They work together to raise or extend your arms and help to stabilize the shoulder joint.   As the shoulder …


Rotator Cuff Tear Exercises To Avoid

7 Worst Rotator Cuff Tear Exercises To Avoid Physical Injury

Most people don’t realize that our shoulders play an important role in our day-to-day activities. We use our shoulders for numerous activities, including throwing a ball, brushing our hair, painting, writing, etc. The shoulder muscles themselves include a group of smaller muscles and tendons that make up the rotator cuff. These muscles act to keep …


Shoulder Rehab Exercises

8 Simplistic Shoulder Rehab Exercises To Reduce Muscle Pain

Your shoulder joints play a very important role in everyday activities and helps to move your arms through a wide range of motion.  As the shoulder joint is very mobile this makes the shoulder more prone to injuries.  Common causes of shoulder pain include things such as bursitis, arthritis, or a rotator cuff tear.  However, …


j band exercises

5 Effective J Band Exercises To Improve Shoulder Health And Mobility

If you’re looking to increase strength and mobility to your shoulder muscles, then consider performing some j band exercises.   Whilst commonly associated with baseball players, such exercises can still offer significant benefits to virtually anyone when it comes to arm health and injury prevention, especially to the rotator cuff muscle group.   What Are …