smith machine exercises for glutes

Top 7 Smith Machine Exercises For Killer Glutes

I’m a big fan of free weights, they give me plenty of freedom of movement when training my glutes.  Whether I’m doing dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts or barbell squats, these exercises are a surefire way of lifting and shaping my glute muscles.   But we’re not here to talk about free weight exercises.  Instead, I’m going to be …


exercises for gluteus minimus

7 Effective Exercises For Gluteus Minimus Workouts

Some of the best exercises for the gluteus minimus include fire hydrants and the hip thrust which really fire up this small muscle.  But why does it matter? Located either side of the hip joint, the gluteus minimus is the smallest of the three glute muscles and plays a key role in hip stability and hip internal rotation.   It’s a deep set muscle, so …


is the elliptical good for glutes

Why Is The Elliptical Good For Glutes & Lower Body Workouts

Elliptical workouts are a great way of burning body fat and improving your cardiovascular endurance. However, beyond these benefits, how do they fare in activating the glute muscles as part of your strength training routine?  Let’s explore the elliptical trainer to address the common question: ‘Is the elliptical good for glutes? What Is An Elliptical Machine The elliptical machine, also known as a cross trainer, is a piece of cardiovascular …


cable glute exercises

5 Best Cable Glute Exercises For Booty Workouts

Because the gluteus maximus is one of the largest and strongest muscles in the human body it requires a lot of stimulus for growth and strength gains. This is why exercises like barbell squats, Romanian deadlifts, and the barbell hip thrust are important compound exercises for muscle development.   Recommended Reading – 6 Best Gym Cable Attachments For Improved Strength Training However, while using free weights, like weight …


b stance hip thrust

3 Definitive B Stance Hip Thrust Benefits

The classic hip thrust gets a lot of attention as one of the best glute-building exercises you can do.   But if you’re looking to amplify your glute gains, have you considered the B stance hip thrust, a focused exercise aimed at building muscle mass and strengthening your posterior chain.  Recommended Reading – 7 Easy Hip Thrust Alternatives …


best deadlift for glutes

Best Deadlift For Glutes – 6 Glute Development Variations

The conventional deadlift is a popular compound exercise that will fire up many of your posterior chain muscles, these are the muscles located on the back of your body.   Because the deadlift is a multi-joint exercise, they are one of the more difficult movements to pull off but, when done with proper form, they’re …


glute ham roller exercises

7 Glute Ham Roller Exercises To Explode Hamstring Growth

With great value pieces of equipment like resistance bands and adjustable dumbbells for your home gym, it’s now easier than ever to give your glutes a proper workout at home. Recommended Reading – 7 Best Lower Butt Exercises For Glute Development One such piece of exercise equipment is the glute-ham roller.   For those of you on tight budgets or with limited space, it offers one …


glute ham raise alternative

7 Best Glute Ham Raise Alternative Exercises & Benefits

Glute ham raises are the ultimate bang for your buck exercise for those of you wanting to develop posterior chain strength.   But, there’s one significant drawback.  They’re not easy to do.   Recommended Reading – 8 Best Dumbbell Glute Exercises For Stronger Glutes In fact, to be able to perform a glute-ham raise with …


glute stretches for lower back pain

7 Best Glute Stretches For Lower Back Pain Relief

Tight glutes can lead to a host of issues like aches and pains in your lower back muscles and a limited range of motion in your hips and pelvis.   Recommended Reading – 7 Effective Gluteus Medius Exercises To Strengthen Glutes If you want to discover some of the most effective glute stretches for lower back pain, then keep reading.   Before …


cable kickback alternative

9 Best Cable Kickback Alternative Exercises For Glutes

While most of us love compound exercises like the squat for building strong glutes, isolating your glute muscles by doing movements such as the cable kickback offers a better mind-muscle connection for enhanced strength and muscle gains.   But what if you don’t have access to a cable machine, or you’re looking to add some variety to your training.   Recommended Reading …