Benefits of strength training

How Strength Training Can Make You Fit, Healthy And Happy

Regular strength training increases muscle which is good for the bones and joints leading to a healthy body.  You’ll find everyday tasks become easier, such as carrying groceries and walking up the stairs and thanks to the release of endorphins, you’ll have an elevated mood. 

effective home exercises

Effective Exercises To Do At Home

Exercising at home has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with people keen to incorporate a good training routine without the need for attending a gym.  There was a significant spike in working out at home during covid lockdowns due to gym closures and a number of surveys suggest that those who began working out at home, plan on continuing. 

landmine press muscles worked

Landmine Press : Muscles Worked Plus Best Variations

The landmine press is a compound exercise, meaning that it targets a number of muscles.  The muscles worked during this exercise include the deltoids, scapular stabilizers, triceps, upper back, upper chest muscles and the abdominals.