13 Best Ab Home Workout Equipment & Machines

Discovering the perfect ab home workout equipment doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Whether you seek a straightforward ab roller or a versatile power tower, we’ve got you covered.  

This article will lead you through a selection of the best ab machines, designed to target your entire core and foster robust abdominal muscles.

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No matter what your fitness level, building strong core muscles can be beneficial for your entire body.  

This is because core strength directly impacts things such as stability, balance and can even help with common problems such as low back pain.  

The Best Ab Home Workout Equipment

Let’s jump straight in and look at exercise equipment perfect for your home ab workouts.  

Ab Wheel

An Abs Wheel, sometimes called an ab roller, is a great option if you have limited space and you’re on a budget.  

It works especially well for activating the rectus abdominis muscles, these are your six-pack abs, and your transverse abdominis, these are your deepest ab muscles.  

Ab Wheel Rollout Exercise

It’s a simple abdominal trainer where you simply take hold of the handles and roll forward thereby lowering your upper body towards the floor.  

When doing this, you activate your core muscles to stabilize yourself.  

Pull-Up Bar

A pull-up bar is a simple piece of exercise equipment designed to facilitate pull-up and chin-up exercises.

It usually consists of a horizontal bar that’s either mounted on to a doorway, wall, or ceiling and made from heavy-duty steel frame.  

Pull Up Bar Ab Leg Raises

You can also use a pull-up bar to perform exercises such as hanging leg raises.  

This body weight exercise is a great way of targeting your upper and lower abs along with your hip flexors.  

Ab Crunch Machine

Crunch machines tend to be larger machines that you may find in your local gym.  

That being said, if you have the space and budget, it’s definitely one of the more effective ways of isolating your core muscles.  

This is because you can add resistance by way of the weight stack.  

ab crunch machine

It helps to provide a guided and controlled movement that focuses on the contraction of the abdominal muscles during the exercise.

However, the main drawbacks of this ab workout machine are that they are quite large and not very versatile for a home or garage gym.  

Exercise Ball

The exercise ball, sometimes referred to as Swiss balls or stability ball, is one of the most versatile pieces of home equipment.  

Not only can you use it for your core workouts, but it can be used for many types of exercises allowing you to target the muscles of your lower body too.  

Swiss Exercise Ball Leg Raise

As you can achieve a full-body workout with the exercise ball, this makes them great value for money.  

They’re available in a range of sizes so you can be sure that your find the correct size based on your height.  

They also come in different colors, but these aren’t representative of anything, and you can choose the one based on personal preference.  

Ab Glider

The ab glider, sometimes called an ab coaster, is an abdominal machine specifically designed to target your core.  

These exercise machines feature a knee pad and is curved in design.  

This allows you to perform a crunch exercise but with a fluid motion whilst keeping stress away from your lower back muscles.  

Ab Glider Roller Machine

Whilst there are many commercial grade models, they are available for light home gym use which tend to be more cost effective.  

As with a lot of gym equipment, they can take up a bit of space so be sure to measure up before you look to purchase.  

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes, also known as battling ropes or power ropes, are a type of fitness equipment which are used for full-body workouts.  

They’re especially good to engage the upper body and core muscles. 

They consist of long, heavy-duty ropes which are usually made from nylon or polyester.  

Battle Rope Pulses For Ab Stability

They work by anchoring one end with you holding the opposite end so that you can perform specific exercises to create waves, ripples, or slams with the ropes.

When it comes to using them in the home, you will need a certain amount of space as they typically range in lengths from 30 to 50 feet so be sure to factor this in before buying.  

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are a type of heavy ball made from either rubber, leather, or other similar durable materials.  

They come in different sizes and weight increments so depending on your skill level you can choose the best weight to match your ability.  

Medicine Ball Exercise For Abs

They can be used in a variety of different ways and for many exercises including medicine ball sit-ups, russian twists, and mountain climbers.  

There are many budget options available, and you can either buy them individually or as a set.  

Suspension Trainer

A suspension trainer, also known as a suspension training system, is a portable and versatile piece of exercise equipment that uses bodyweight resistance so you can perform a wide variety of strength training exercises to target your whole body. 

They usually comprise of adjustable straps with handles or foot cradles on each end.  

TRX Suspension Trainer Static Ab Holds

These are then anchored to a sturdy overhead support, such as a door frame, a pull-up bar, or even a tree branch if you prefer to workout outdoors.  

These are a great option for home core workouts as they’re very versatile and cost effective.  

Resistance Bands

A resistance band is essentially an elastic band that is used for many types of exercises.  

You can buy them as a set, and they come in different colors which represent different resistance levels.  

The best things about resistance bands are that they are very low cost, easy to use, versatile and take up virtually no space.  

Resistance Band Ab Exercise

They offer a great way of performing low impact exercises which can increase your strength and lean muscle.  

When it comes to core exercises, you can use your bands to perform movements such as the Paloff press, kneeling woodchoppers, and seated leg lifts.  


Kettlebells are a type of free weight and comprise of a cast iron ball with a handle on top.  

You can perform a range of dynamic and compound exercises including sit-ups, side bends and kettlebell windmills.  

Kettlebell Sit Ups With Leg Raises

They’re available in a range of sizes and weight increments and can go as heavy 32kg.  

If using a heavy weight, it’s important to focus on form to prevent injury.  

Power Tower

A power tower, sometimes known as a dip station or pull-up station, is a type of gym equipment that allows you to undertake a variety of bodyweight exercises to target different muscle groups.  

Leg Raises Using Power Tower

They’re certainly versatile but they can be quite large when compared to other ab workout equipment, so you’ll need to factor in space constraints before looking to purchase.  

Roman Chairs

The roman chair, also known as a hyperextension bench, is primarily known for targeting your lower back and posterior chain muscles helping to improve strength and flexibility.  

Exercise Obliques Using Roman Chair

However, it can also offer an effective way of targeting your core muscles, especially your obliques.  

By positioning your body at different angles, you can perform exercises such as side raises and oblique twists. 

Decline Bench

A decline bench, sometimes referred to as a decline sit-up bench, is designed to target the upper chest and abdominal muscles.  

Using an abs bench is the best way of activating the lower portion of the rectus abdominis (your lower abs). 

Ab Sit Up On Decline Bench

It’s similar in design to a regular weight bench, but the key difference being that the decline bench is angled with the head positioned lower than the feet when you lie on it.  

They also tend to have foot rollers so you can lock your feet in place for stability.  

Practical Considerations When Choosing Ab Home Workout Equipment

Before deciding on the best home gym equipment for your abs, there are several practical considerations to keep in mind. 

Here are some factors to consider before selecting the best option for your needs.

How Much Space You Have

If you don’t have much space at home, it’s important to choose equipment that’s easy to store.  

Look for products that are compact and lightweight, and that can be easily folded or disassembled for easy storage.

What’s Your Budget?

Gym equipment isn’t always cheap, especially when it comes to commercial grade abs machines.  

However, there are usually plenty of alternative options designed for light use in the home.  

It’s a good idea to shop around to make sure you get the right quality at the best price.  

Do You Want An Ergonomic Design?

Equipment with ergonomic design can help you avoid injury and perform exercises with proper form.

Look for equipment that has padded seats (if applicable) and adjustable settings to accommodate different body types.

How Versatile Do You Want It?

Some ab equipment is very limited so that you can only perform one specific exercise.  

If you want to be able to perform a variety of exercises to keep your workouts interesting and challenging, then you’ll want to consider equipment that is more versatile.  

This would include things such as resistance bands, kettlebells, or exercises balls.   

When selecting the best home workout equipment, be sure to factor in the above before making your choice.  

By keeping these practical considerations in mind, you can choose the best products for your home gym.


By investing in the right equipment, you can create a convenient and effective workout routine to target your core muscles and build strong abs.  

Remember to always prioritize safety by using proper form and starting with lighter weights or resistance.

With the right equipment and mindset, you can achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t forget, you don’t always need access to equipment to achieve a good ab workout.  

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