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Best Lighting For Gym – 6 Complete Fitness Light Solutions

best lighting for gym

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a massive fitness and health awareness boom.

Because of that, it seems like a new fitness center is opening up on every corner.  

The majority of them feature the latest workout gear and plenty of wall mirrors.

However, one important element often gets overlooked and that’s the best lighting for gym environments  

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It’s not uncommon for gym owners to put little consideration into the best overhead lights.

While this may seem like a small oversight, it can have a significant impact.  

Whether you have a commercial or garage gym, in this article we’ll go over some of the best gym lighting ideas for your workout space.  

How To Get Good Gym Lighting

Light fixtures can be more of an afterthought in a gym.  

Some gyms may simply rely on natural lighting or just install a few low watt bulbs.  

However, the right lighting can make a big difference to a gym facility so considering the different light sources available is certainly worth it. 

Here are some factors to consider before investing in new gym lights.  

Most Suitable Light Levels

On average, a gym should aim for light levels between 200 and 500 lux.  

Whilst this isn’t a particularly bright light these levels are certainly sufficient for a gym.

The exact luminosity will depend on the size of your workout area.

Typically, the larger the space, the more light you’ll need.  

large gym lighting

So, all you need is a few surfaces that can shine the light in different directions.

That’s why many gyms have wall mirrors scattered all over the space. 

Besides that, the light in the workout area should have a uniformity ratio of 0.8.

This means that all corners of the space should have even lighting. 

Size Of The Gym

The number of lights needed per square meter in a gym depends on several factors, including the type of gym, the layout of the space and the activities taking place.

The lighting requirements can vary based on the desired light level, the quality of illumination, and the specific needs of the gym members.  

To make the best choice, keep in mind that different areas within the gym might have different lighting needs, so you may want to adapt the overhead lighting accordingly.  

For example, in a weight room or strength training area you may prefer to opt for lighting with high lumens for safety and so that the members can train with proper form.  

​Ceiling Height

Gyms with high ceilings will likely benefit from brighter lights such as LED lighting.  

On the other hand, if you have a workout room in a garage or space with lower ceilings, then recessed ceiling lights could be a good choice as they take up little space ensuring you have plenty of head room.  

Energy Efficiency

Choose energy-efficient lighting solutions like LED fixtures.

They not only reduce energy consumption but also generate less heat, contributing to a more comfortable environment which is very important in a gym.  

Maintenance Of Lights

Choose fixtures that are easy to maintain.

LED fixtures tend to have longer lifespans and require less frequent bulb replacement compared to traditional bulbs.  

Best Lighting For Gym & Fitness Facilities

There are a few different types of lights you can install in your gym.

In this section, we’ll go over the best varieties helping you make the right choice.  

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are similar to regular light bulbs but with one notable difference.

Instead of air inside the glass shell, they come with an element like chlorine or bromine. 

These gases will prevent the glass from darkening.

So, the intensity of the light shouldn’t decrease over time.  

Besides that, halogen lamps are usually on the more affordable side.

You’ll be able to buy plenty of bulbs without breaking the bank. 

This makes them the perfect option for gyms.

It’s worth noting that halogen lights can become quite hot during operation, so they might not be the best choice for fixtures where heat could be an issue.

LED Lights

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, then LED gym lights are the way to go.

These lights are exceptionally efficient and don’t consume much power when switched on.  

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Plus, they won’t produce much heat and can operate for hundreds of hours on end.

To top it all off, they can generate as much as 80% more light when compared to halogen bulbs so could be the best fit for larger gym spaces.   

You’ll be able to light your entire gym without running up your electric bill.

Although LEDs do have a couple of issues. 

For starters, they can be quite costly when compared to other forms of lighting.  

What’s more, some white LED lights can emit a relatively high amount of blue light, which may have potential health implications if used extensively at night.   

LED ceiling light

Other than that, LEDs provide directional light.

This means they can only shine in a specific area, rather than in all directions. 

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are a form of artificial light that combines halogen bulbs and LEDs.

Because of that, you’ll get the best of both worlds. 

Fluorescent lights are known for their energy efficiency and relatively long lifespan compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

That means bright lights with relatively low energy costs. 

Fluorescent lighting usually comes in two forms; compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and linear fluorescent tubes.  

Plasma Lights

Plasma lighting emits a very bright light and is only really suitable in spaces with ceilings higher than 15 feet, such as an indoor basketball court.  

If you have a very large gym space with a high ceiling, they could be a great way of illuminating the space.  

They have a very long lifespan and are typically low maintenance.  

Neon Or Fiber Optic Lights

Both these forms of lighting tend to be used for decorative purposes and come in a range of colours.  

They can be a great way of providing illumination or accents to smaller spaces that don’t require bright lights.  

It’s not uncommon to see these forms of lighting in spaces such as spin cycle rooms.  

Smart Lights

Smart lighting is ideal if you want have more control over your lights.  

They can be controlled via a remote or voice so that you can adjust the brightness, turn them on or off, and in some instances even change the colour.  

While smart lighting certainly has it’s uses it may be best suited for home or garage gyms.  

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Some of the links on this website are affiliate links. This means that if you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you

Benefits Of Amazing Lighting In Gyms

Now that we’ve considered some of the best lighting choices for your gym, let’s look at some of the benefits of great lighting.  

Creates A Good Ambiance

A bright workout space can help to improve alertness, productivity and even mood putting you in the right mindset for a good workout.  

This is especially beneficial for those who like to workout first thing helping to reinvigorate for the day ahead.  

Gym Lighting Solutions

Gym Selfies

With the rise of social media, many gym goers can’t resist taking a selfie or two as they work out.

So, they take full advantage of the ceiling-high mirrors and snap as many photos as they can.

Every time a client takes a photo in your gym, it’s free publicity.

Because of that, you need to ensure that every picture is as crystal-clear as possible. 

Increases Safety 

While gyms are relatively safe spaces, training injuries can be quite common and every now and then an athlete will push themselves beyond their limits. 

This is especially easy to do if they’re working out in a dark area.  

Workout Gym

So, to ensure the safety of your clients, good lighting is crucial.

It’ll increase the spacial awareness of the athletes and help them avoid any injuries. 

Promotes Cleanliness

We all know that gyms aren’t exactly the most sanitary facilities on earth.

All sorts of people will touch the equipment and sweat all over it as they exercise. 

Luckily, most gyms set a few cleanliness rules.

For instance, they’ll encourage their members to wipe down any gym equipment after they’ve used it. 

By ensuring adequate lighting in the gym will make it much easier to keep on top of cleaning and that it’s done properly.  

Wrapping Up

Creating an optimal gym environment means choosing the best lighting.  

Lighting is important as it can help to boost energy, focus, and motivation during workouts. 

Whether it’s cardio areas to strength training zones, or group exercise spaces to locker rooms, think about the specific spaces within your gym and the best way to light them.  

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