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What Kind of Commercial Gym Do You Want to Be?

What Kind of Commercial Gym Do You Want to Be? - Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

For those of you looking to open a commercial gym or facility, the wide variety of gym equipment on offer can be quite confusing.  Do you want more cardiovascular equipment so you specialize in HIIT classes, or strength setups to allow for budding powerlifters and bodybuilders to become their best?

One thing’s for certain determining what kind of gym you want to be is important as it will depend on the kind of members that you appeal to such as bodybuilders, cardio bunnies, cross fitters etc.  The kind of gym you want to be could also offer a distinct advantage over your competitors ensuring you quickly rack up your gym membership numbers!

If you want to specialise in CrossFit then you’ll need plenty of space and not a huge amount of kit.  The focus here is training such as running, burpees, pull-ups etc.  So you could need things such as ropes, racks, and kettlebells.

For powerlifting or bodybuilding kind of facility, you’ll need to offer more kit.  Whilst many people favor just the big compound movements such as squats and deadlifts a lot of people will also want to make use of machines so that they can focus on a particular muscle group at any given time.  For example, if someone is working specifically on the legs they may well choose to squat using a power rack or cage, barbell, and plates but they may also wish to incorporate leg extensions, curls, leg presses etc. so you’ll need the gym equipment to allow them to do this.

One thing is for sure, you need to figure out what kind of gym-goer you want to appeal to before you look at the kind of gym equipment you’ll need for your gym.

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