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Improve Your Squat Form

Improve Your Squat Form - Kustom Kit Gym Equipment

Matt Wenning, world record-holding powerlifter and strength coach, has launched his new belt squat in the USA.

Matt has spent a significant amount of time researching and developing this new, highly versatile, piece of kit.

Matt, who owns Ludus Magnus gym in Ohio, USA, is an exceptionally knowledgeable powerlifter with an impressive CV.

Holder of three world records, he is also the developer of MAW; Mountain Athlete Warrior programme devised for the US Military.  He has utilized his extensive knowledge and expertise to create and launch his new belt squat.

Many years of development has gone into this new machine and careful analysis of the correct squat form has enabled Matt to devise a belt squat with perfect leverages and without the use of cables.

The machine is an ideal learning tool for those new to squatting and teaches the user the very best form to adopt whilst undertaking this challenging compound exercise.  Within a matter of weeks a powerlifting novice can move from using the belt squat to a barbell and squat with skilled and safe form.

Furthermore, squats can be undertaken without any stress being placed on the spine making the machine safe to use for those with any upper body injuries.  The versatility also gives the user the opportunity to undertake upper body work such as bent over rows.

Matt had this to say

“My squat machine has allowed me to create form and positioning, over many reps, with little to no spinal compression. 

In the training world, this is an invaluable tool for leg strength and size, with no adverse effects on myself or my clients spines.

Another great advantage is that the belt squats leverages are exact to a real barbell squat.

Unlike other machines on the market, this weight transfer is identical to a free squat, allowing one to assess their strength constantly with a traction device.”

As well as launching the machine to the US market, Matt has partnered with Kustom Kit Gym Equipment who will be sole manufacturers and distributors of the belt squat for the UK and European markets.

Kustom Kit Gym Equipment are very pleased to have teamed up with Matt and are excited at the potential of this new product.

Of this recent partnership, Kustom Kit Managing Director Christian Dyte said

“I’m very pleased to be working with Matt and proud that he has entrusted us with manufacturing this fantastic machine.  I truly believe this is an invaluable piece of kit for our customers”

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